I Am Hurt But I Will Be Strong

     These past few days, I realized I have been on shaky ground. Things are getting a lot crazier and complicated and it felt like I just want to STOP everything. I’m on the verge of breaking down and my mind is being clouded by my overwhelming emotions. I need to vent out. I need to let go of this depressing feeling. ‘Coz if not, I’ll be in turmoil and it will really take some time for me to heal.

     I write today not because of something else but rather for myself. I write because I  need to let go of this hatred feeling that is ruling over me.  I need to regain my composure and redeem back my old self again.

     It’s so hard to understand why some people would only take you for granted. I just couldn’t get it when people change so fast without giving you a valid reason. Sometimes, I do feel like life is unfair but I don’t want to indulge myself into that kind of thinking. I’m still hoping that things will be better soon. But how soon? I really don’t know and that is killing me deep inside. How I wish that things can be less complicated so that I won’t have to undergo this kind of emotion. It doesn’t feel good and it doesn’t feel right. All i can say is that I AM NOT HAPPY. How hard can it be for a person to be straight forward and just be honest? Difficult but the effect would be less painful. Is this what they call bitterness? Maybe — I think.

     Right now, I need to teach myself on how to become stronger once more but its easier said than done. If only I have the ability to turn back time and correct the past, I’ll definitely do it. However, that would be next to impossible already. All I can do is just wait and believe that time will heal everything. I’m still hoping that one day, i’ll be able to find the answer that I was looking for.

A Salute to the Heroic Dog “Kabang”

image courtesy of Inquirer

     Dogs are man’s best friend and protector. This is what “Kabang“, a mutt from my local home town— Zamboanga City, had displayed after losing her muzzle in order to save her master’s children.  A truly heartwarming and incredible story I must say for an extraordinary dog who displayed an act of heroism in order to save the lives of two, little children from being hit by a motorcycle.

video courtesy of Youtube – GMA News

     Unfortunately, it came with a price of permanent damage and lost on the dog’s snout which in turn brought difficulty on how she eats. She is now known as the dog with no face. After the incident, Kabang is using her paws to help feed herself. On the contrary, it’s good to know that Kabang’s owners declined the offer of the local vet’s office from turning over the dog for custody to perform euthanasia or mercy killing. It was really a wise decision for the owners not to give up on Kabang despite of her current condition. This only shows how very grateful the family is for having the dog. Despite the indecent proposal, a good Samaritan named Veterinarian Anton Lim from Tzu Chi Foundation came and helped out the family in treating the injuries of Kabang. He’s the one who is currently administering the antibiotics on the dog to make her wounds heal faster.

image courtesy of BMD Info

     Truly, I consider this as one of the most remarkable stories about a dog’s heroic act and its willingness to give up everything just to serve its own family. Hopefully I was able to give justice by providing special tribute to this lifesaving dog named “Kabang” and her epic story. I’m also hoping that through this blog, I was able to share her story to somebody  else who can help Kabang on her rehabilitation as this dog really deserves to live a normal and longer life.

Kudos to you Kabang!






Nail Tropics: Experience a little serenity

A day of pampering and relaxation with Bee, Shabs and me… Pa-share ha.. =) Thanks Bee ^___^