Avilon Zoo

Avilon Wildlife Conservation Foundation, Inc

     The Avilon Wildlife Conservation Foundation, Inc. is the largest zoological park in thePhilippines. The 7.5 hectare zoo lies in the picturesque valley of Barrio San Isidro, Rodriguez ( formerly Montalban ), Rizal, Philippines. With large exhibits of more than 3000 specimens of exotic and indigenous animals represented by more than 500 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, fishes and invertebrates as well as close to 400 species of plants of which more than half are endemic to the Philippines, Avilon Zoo is one of the zoos in Southeast Asia having the most diverse representation of flora and fauna.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Excursionists

     Meet my best girl pals at work (plus one missing).  All of us love to eat, work (ehem!) and travel. By the way, do we look haggard in this picture? I think not even if  this trip was scheduled after our graveyard shift! Woohoo!!!

Shabs, Chin, Bee

Featured Animals

     Before further ado, the Avilon zoo showcases various types of animals just like any other zoos found here in the metro. However, if we are to compare this one to the others, this zoo offers more types of animals than what you can normally see on other locations. This was the first time I was able to see face to face a live arapaima, jaguar, puma, cougar, leopard, white tiger, bear and so on and so forth. Two animals that are missing though would be the elephant and the giraffe which are more common on other zoos. On the flip side, I notice that some animals are pale and thin looking just like the lion and some big cats. I am not sure what’s happening but I would assume that there maybe some financial constraints with the zoo itself in order for them to meet the demands and sustain the needs of the animals. Just thinking out loud. ^_^ By the way, I have posted here some of my favorite animal photos which was taken using my Nokia E72 camera phone. Enjoy!

Trixie the Orangutan (person not included)

The Wandering Ducks or Geese (i’m confused ^_^)


“Tweety” Bird


“Ursula” The Bear

 My Favorite Zoo-memory Snapshot

I hope the picture tells it all.  ^_^

Zoo Facilities

The Parking Lot

Entrance/Exit Gate

The Path Walk

Basketball Court and a Chapel ???

The Pantry



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