BonChon: The Original Korean Fried Chicken


     Despite the confined area of this fast food chain, I find the place very clean, well-organized and well maintained.  I like how they setup the place as it is a fusion between modern and minimalist architecture which really captured my attention. There is uniformity with the chosen paint colors from the walls to the furniture that makes the place easy on the eyes but still exhibits a very relaxing ambiance.

– Here’s a snapshot of BonChon from the entrance hallway. –

– Here’s how the restaurant looks like from one corner. Half of the place is elevated. –

–  The walls are being adorned by different photo frames –

–  From the entrance, a list of countries is posted in a wall to indicated the different BonChon stores available worldwide.  –


     While waiting for our orders, I decided to take a picture of my very good friend who is a food critic and a very good cook. I can say that she is one of those people I looked up to and my biggest influence for food tasting experiments. Actually, she’s the one who introduced me to this place as well as the others. I consider her as one of my partners in crime as we both share the same interest and both of us really love food.

– Peace Be With You (and also with you)-


     We both decided to order the 2-piece mix and match thigh rice box combo. This meal combo is good for 2 persons wherein each serving comes with a 2-piece fried chicken (choice of soy garlic FC, spicy glaze FC or both), 1 serving of rice and a large soda. Since this was my first time eating in BonChon, I decided to try both flavors while my friend opted for the soy garlic fried chicken only. Since my friend was craving for yogurt, she decided to try their Korean Yogurt topped with Caramel.

     For me, I love the taste of both fried chickens. Since the flavors were already infused in the chicken’s meat, the need of adding ketchup or gravy may no longer be necessary. However, my preferences would still be with the soy garlic as the spiciness of the spicy glazed chicken was a bit higher than my tolerance level. However, what I do love about it is the chicken’s crispiness. You can really tell that the chicken is freshly cooked when served as the distinct sound of crunchiness can actually be heard while eating it. On the other hand, when I asked my friend about her opinion on the yogurt ice cream, she said that the combination was a bit weird and doesn’t compliment each other’s taste. It seems like the yogurt is overpowering the caramel syrup.

– Here’s my order of mixed soy garlic and spicy glaze friend chicken.  The one with the toothpick indicates the spicy one. –

– the super duper large soda drink and our table number –

– Korean Yogurt topped with Caramel Syrup –


( click the picture for larger image )


( click the picture for larger image )


 -The place is located just beside The Spa and in front of Nuvo. Its a 15 to 20 minute walk from Eastwood City –


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