My First 100 Blog Hits

     It has been my practice to post a blog once I reach my first 100, 1 000 &  10 000 hits on my old site and I still want to continue this practice here in WordPress. Maybe some people may think that I am just so weird but I guess its just me and I’m happy with what I do. You see, I’m always looking forward to see the number of “hits” changing in a daily basis – as in from time to time. Its like an indicator to myself whether I’m doing better or if I need to do something to make it interesting again. Its like my benchmark on how well am I performing in terms of blogging. So far I have never reached the 100,000 mark but I’m still looking forward to see it one day. To all those people who consistently read my blogs or have read some of my posts, I would like to say thank you so much for sparing some of your time. It really means so much to me. Thanks everyone. Enjoy reading! ^___^


One thought on “My First 100 Blog Hits

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