Puerto Princesa Underground River: New Wonders of Nature

I can’t help myself but feel so proud after reading from N7W that the Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR) from Palawan, Philippines  is officially confirmed as one of the New7Wonders of Nature. I’ve been there once and I can really say that the place is truly magnificent and spectacular. Going to Palawan is already a dream come true but going to PPUR is a winter wonderland for me. I am proud that the combined efforts exerted by our local and national government as well as our fellow countrymen to promote PPUR  paved way to a great result.

image courtesy of Yahoo

     The first count of vote results from the N7W Zurich Headquarters was previously announced last 11/11/11 t. As seen from the photo below, here are the following entries that made it to the final cut.  More details about this news can be found here from this site.

image courtesy of N7W

     PPUR was second to be confirmed as one of the New Wonders of Nature on a preliminary basis after validating the telephone voting in the Philippines by New7Wonders. The first to be announced was Jeju Island of South Korea. Here’s the status of the remaining 5 entries as per the site’s announcement.

image courtesy of N7W

     In alphabetical order, the provisional New7Wonders of Nature announced on 11 November 2011 are: AmazonHalong BayIguazu FallsJeju IslandKomodo,Puerto Princesa Underground River and Table Mountain. Following Jeju Island, PPUR is the second to be confirmed on a preliminary basis, as New7Wonders has now completed the telephone voting validation in the Philippines. The remaining five provisional New7Wonders of Nature are currently undergoing the three steps of the verification process, namely the national voting validation, the global voting calculation confirmation by an independent audit firm, and the preparation and implementation of the Official Inauguration ceremonies.


2 thoughts on “Puerto Princesa Underground River: New Wonders of Nature

  1. Thank you Ms El for liking my post. Hope you can one day visit the Philippines and enjoy the wonderful places and memories that our country has to offer as much as I do. 🙂

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